Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tahrir Round 2

It's 2am, but Egyptians won't let me sleep.  My eyes are tired, but all this information being thrown at me won't let my brain and heart shut down.  I think the second wave of the revolution is here.  Protests have been happening at the sites of various trials that are attempting to hold accountable those responsible for the death of hundreds of protesters/martyrs during the days of the revolution.  Many of the trials keep getting postponed, why I do not know, but it is infuriating to their families and the millions of Egyptians who want justice.  It seems to me that protests erupted at these sites throughout the day and little by little have spread back to the home of freedom, Midan Tahrir.  Since the late hours of June 28th, protesters have been clashing with the Central Security Forces (CSF), aka the police.  This includes lots of tear gas being thrown, lights partially out in the square, and rocks being thrown.  The various Tweeters and live feeds I'm looking at guestimate a couple-few thousand in the square, so although more people could be drawn to it, it seems likely it will be dispersed by morning.  Interesting that it is exactly 5 months to the day after one of the most violent days of the revolution, January 28th, known as the day of rage.  This Friday, July 1st, there has been a call for Salafi Muslims to protest for the imposition of Sharia law - there will now undoubtedly be large counterprotests.  Next Friday, July 8th, a large swath of activists from different parties under the banner of the Freedom Front for Peaceful Change (FFPC) have called for a million-man march to reclaim the spirit of the revolution and all the demands it called for.  Among those are calls for the fundamental human rights that have been lacking for so long in Egypt as well as the writing of the constitution first before elections.  Could this be the surge that reclaims the revolution?  It's too early to tell, but there is certainly a tense feeling to the air, as all wait with breaths held for the next uprising and transformation...

I am fine, in my apartment relatively far from Tahrir.  But my classes are right on the square, so I am assuming I will hear from my program in the morning as to whether or not classes will be held.  Thought I would share this exciting news with you all.  Check here for more random videos of tonight's clashes.

Thoughts & hearts with Egypt!!



  1. My thoughts and love are with you tonight, and always. Power to the people. xxx Gwen

  2. You are witness to utterly extraordinary events unfolding around you. Your calm yet excited response is eloquently expressed and has me eagerly awaiting the next post. Stay safe and continue to be our eyes and ears on history in the making.


  3. Watch, listen, wait, breathe -- things can change so quickly when the explosive forces in crowds and police meet. Thinking of Columbia in '68, of course. Amazing for you to be there witnessing history. Let Cairo be your university: Government 101 - Egypt in the 21st Century -- Revolution, Evolution, or Reaction. Do take care of yourself, Yamulka -- we'll see if NPR does as good a job reporting tomorrow morning! Big Hugs, Pops & Mama U